If you're anything like us, then we know you love a good full moon ceremony, Co-star chart reading and anything astrology related. On the eve of the next full moon, we thought it best to feature our new Tarot Print Capsule. A Cools spin on something we love and follow closely.

Happy Full Moon

July Full Moon arrives on the evening of Saturday July 24 - at its fullest at 12:36pm AEST.

The Full Moon in July has many names; some call it the Buck Moon because the antlers of bucks start to reach their peak growth at this time of year. For Hindus and Buddhists, this is the Guru Full Moon, celebrated as a time for clearing the mind and honouring the guru (teacher). July's full moon is also known as Salmon Moon, Berry Moon, and Thunder Moon.

The Full Moon arrives as we draw Cancer season to a close and open the door to the new Leo season. This Guru Full Moon is intense but offers us all the opportunity for many positive changes. Remind yourself that the only true teacher is the teacher within and honor your feelings this lunar cycle!