When the clubs are closed, you bring the club home.

Sydney based selector “OLIIV” joins us for the ninth edition of the Cools Club Stay Home Series with her versatile sweeps of deep and dreamy house and melodic techno. Immersing herself in electronic music since a child, OLIIV describes her go-to genre as “organic house” and has quickly become one of our local favourites since making her way onto the Sydney scene in 2019.

Pour a wine, kick your feet up and dive into a daydream with the latest edition of the Stay Home Series ft OLIIV streaming now via SoundCloud. Read on for the full interview, and learn how you can do your bit to help local arts and culture.

Proudly supporting Support Act, the heart and hand of Australian music. This series is our platform to connect with our favorite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew, and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How/when did you begin your DJ career?

I remember as a child I had my first taste of electronic music and I was truly captivated. I have immersed myself in electronic music since then, travelling across the country to catch my favourite artists when they would play. But it wasn’t until entering a DJ competition in early 2019 that I actually started mixing myself. It has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

What's your go to genre? 

If I had to pick, at the moment it would be the newly coined “Organic House”. I’d describe it as a softer, more harmonic version of melodic house, often incorporating traditional sounds and instruments. A good organic track generates an almost primal reaction. I love introducing these tracks into my mixes.

What inspired the track selection on this mixtape?

I wanted to create a light hearted, energetic and almost celebratory feel with this mix. It’s got some real foot-stompers in it, which should make anyone want to shake away their worries and leave them on the dance floor - even if that dance floor is their living room! It includes some great tracks from producers such as Rampa, WhoMadeWho, Ian Pooley and Ãme

It’s safe to say this pesky pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone… how has COVID impacted OLIIV?

It was sad to see a lot of gigs I had booked being postponed, and postponed again until they were eventually cancelled. I was excited at the opportunity to play support for one of my favourite producers, MODD, and my first gig with my new DJ Collective The Fan Club which both had to be cancelled. The arts industry has been hit hard by COVID, but I have every confidence that when this blows over, we will rally and create a vibrant and invigorating party culture once more.

Any silver linings to come from COVID?

2020 has given us no alternative but to slow down, take a deep breath, and really re-evaluate what is important in life. I am grateful for that.

What's the best way our Cools crew can support the music industry over the next little period?

I think the best way to support the music industry is simply by showing up. As venues are slowly opening and events slowly emerging, we need to make the effort to support our music venues and artists. Even if you have work the next day, be the designated driver and get out to immerse yourself in good music. You never regret doing that and the industry is so grateful for it. Of course, buying the tunes of local, emerging and your favourite artists is also a great way to show support.

What are you most looking forward to once restrictions ease?

DANCING with my loved ones in an open space amongst nature (with no sound restrictions of course haha).

And when this is all over… we’ll dance together again. Who would headline OLIIV's dream post-pandemic party and where would it all go down?

I really do have a thing for parties amongst nature. Take me there with a headliner like Fulltone, Hraach, or Armen Miran and I would be one happy human.

Any final words of wisdom?

Be kind to yourselves. 2020 has been a very tough year for all of us, so make sure you take the time to reconnect with yourself and the ones you love.


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