Music sounds better with Cools Ladies of Leisure. We all know that humans are hard-wired to respond to music, which is why we consider it a fundamental part of the Cools experience. Rosie Darling joins us for the third instalment of our Ladies of Leisure Mixtape series just in time for the weekend. 

Intense emotional growth is often the best fuel for a musician’s creative fire, and indie-pop songstress Rosie Darling has certainly turned pain into beauty on her debut EP, Coping. After only two years in LA, Rosie has built a strong network of producers and songwriters, crediting her success to her focus and determination, along with a bit of risk-taking. Rosie embodies the #CoolsGirl mantra of sticking true to yourself, we knew we needed her on the series! Tune in for a mix of Rosie's favourite songs that help her feel better. If sad songs are your love language then you're going to love this one. Now streaming on Cools Club Soundcloud


tell us a little bit about yourself - where did you grow up and how did your path lead you to where you’re at now?

I’m from outside of Boston, MA and have been singing for as long as I can remember! I started learning guitar when I was probably 13 years old. From there my Dad taught me the basics to start writing my own songs.

I was heavily inspired by Taylor Swift and really wanted to sing and write my own music like her. Now I’m living in LA and writing songs everyday - and the world is finally getting to hear them since releasing my first EP, Coping!

who or what convinced you to give music a chance?

I always knew I was going to do music to some degree in my life. I started taking my song writing more serious in college and soon realised I had a lot of potential! I was networking a bit while I was still in school with a few people in LA and I started to see that I could give it shot if I kept working at it!

if you had one piece of advice for women of any age feeling stuck or struggling to find their groove, what would you tell them?

To trust your gut!

the last year has been challenging in many ways. how has 2020 changed your perspective on different areas of your life?

I think 2020 taught me to let go of relationships, and other things that weren't serving me anymore. I had a lot of time to think, as I’m sure we all did during this time, and I realised a lot about myself, my friends, and how I process emotions.

what is coming up next for you?

More music! I’m so excited that my EP, Coping, is out right now, and to see it resonating with so many people. Right now, I am writing more music every day so it won’t be too long until I release something new! Watch this space <3

Cools Quick Q's:

you feel most yourself here:

My bedroom

favourite place:

The beach

in your free time you:

Draw, paint, go for walks, hang out with friends :)

what you listen to in traffic:

True Crime podcasts

you find the most inspiration from:

Other artists

you can’t live without:


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Listen to Coping here.