10 Easy steps to make your own protective cloth face mask.
Stay healthy, stay safe & stay Cools.

You will need:

30x20 cm main fabric for the outside of your mask
30x20 cm lining fabric (cotton is best)
Ribbon, shoelaces or 40 cm of elastic for the ties
Sewing machine or a hand sewing needle

Step 1

Print out the face mask pattern, making sure you have set it to 100% scale when you’re printing. Cut out the pattern pieces.

Women's size pattern
Men's size pattern

Step 2 

Fold your main fabric in half, pin the paper pattern onto the double-layered fabric. Cut around the pattern. Repeat the same with your lining fabric.

Step 3

Place the mask main pieces with the right side of the fabric facing each other (print side facing each other), pin and sew along the centreline of the face mask ¼ inch away from the edge.

Repeat these steps on the lining part.

Step 4

Snip every few centimeters along the seam allowance you just sewed, be careful and don’t accidentally cut through the stitches.
*Push the seam allowance to one side and stitch it down by sewing a parallel line close to the centre seam (you can skip this step if you’re sewing by hand!).

Step 5

Flip the lining and place onto the main face mask, with right sides together, align the centre seam line, pin and sew along the top and bottom lines of the mask ¼ inch from the edge.

Step 6

Turn the mask right side out.
*Press or iron it flat and sew a line close to each edge (OK to skip if you’re sewing by hand).

Step 7

With the lining of the mask facing you, fold in ¼ inch at the raw edge at the side of the mask, and fold again so that it covers the raw edge of the lining. Sew a straight line down, don’t forget to go back and forward a few times at the beginning and end when you’re sewing to secure the stitches.

Step 8

Push a safety pin through the end of your ribbon, elastic, or shoelace (we used an old dress strap). Insert it through the pocket you just created and out the other side. Tie the elastic with a double knot to make an ear loop (test it out to make sure it’s the right length for your face). If you used a shoelace, leave it loose.

Step 9

Repeat the same to the other side. If you used elastic, pull the elastic band until the knots are hidden in the pocket.

Final Step

Wear your facemask and tag us in your Cools crafts @coolsclub.co