Welcome to the Cools Stay Home Mixtape Series.

Since our inception, we’ve rallied behind our Cools girls within the music industry who inspire us daily to reach new levels of self-confidence and self-expression. 

There’s no question that we owe it to our girls within the music industry who have been some of the most immediate and directly impacted by the ongoing crisis. As you may be aware, the Australian government recently exempted a bunch of our friends within the arts and entertainment sector on the recent government wage subsidy scheme… not so cools. 

To show our solidarity with our ladies of leisure, we’re excited to be launching our debut mixtape series which will become our platform to connect with our Cools girls and raise awareness for the artists, crew and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. 

Hosted at the Cools Confinement Club; where dancing from the bedroom to the backyard is highly encouraged and pants are always optional. After all, there’ll probably never be a better chance to dance like no-one’s watching… 

Our first guest is Japan-born and San Francisco based rising melodic electronic producer Qrion aka Momiji Tsukada….



What inspired the track selection on this mixtape?

This was a curation of a bunch of my favourite house tracks, a few classics and my new releases. I’ve always had an appreciation for artists who deliver us timeless tracks and love to throw it back and include these in my track selection. In this mix, I played MachineGun’s 2012 classic No Respect from 2012 and Bwana’s The Colonel's Mistake, The Scientist's Regret from 2016, I hope you’ll get feel the nostalgia between these tracks and my new releases.

Top Tips for staying sane in isolation? 

I’ve been getting into my reading… reading stuff by Soseki Natsume, a Japanese novelist from the 1900s. I find a lot of inspiration in reading books from older generations… being from Japan, we’re quite unique and it’s a great way to understand our culture as we’re originally islanders after all. With books being so accessible nowadays, I think they’re very special and an invaluable tool in staying sane over this period.

What's been happening over the last couple of weeks?

With my upcoming gigs put on hold, I’ve been staying home and working on a bunch of beats including a couple of remixes. I’m also working on a bunch of originals and excited to share these with the world :)

What's the best way our girls can support the music industry over the next few months?

Do what you can to support your favourite artists. Stream their music, buy their merch… send them a DM and let them know you’re listening!

Any final words of wisdom?

Please stay safe and be positive. It won’t be easy, but we can do it <3


1. Jacquese Greene - Sel (Cameron Morse Remix)
2. Stones Taro - Tiger
3. Qrion - Waves
4. Little Dragon - Hold on (Pete Remix)
5. Qrion - B4 Montreal (TSHA Remix)
6. Scuba - Never Forget
7. Machinedrum - No Respect
8. Four Tet - Something in Sadness
9. Bwana - The Colonel's Mistake, The Scientist's Regret
10. Huxley - Self Affirmation (feat. She Koro)
11. Catching Flies - Z (Laurence Guy Remix)
10. Qrion - IMYSB
11. FJAAK - Version


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