Welcome to the second installment of the Cools Stay Home Mixtape Series.

Cabin fever is well and truly setting in... so we're providing the perfect soundtrack to cure your claustrophobia. As a proud supporter of Support Act, this series is our platform to connect with our favorite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew, and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Our second guests to the series will need little introduction to our squad... Mell Hall is a Melbourne based DJ, music writer, publicist, presenter, and #bossbitch who has been supporting Cools Club since our inception.

Mell believes sleep is overrated, breakfast is an ‘anytime’ meal, and if it’s not an espresso – it’s an espresso martini. So, pour yourself a cocktail, turn up the music, perform for no one but your dog, and remember pants are always optional.  




What inspired the track selection on this mixtape?

This mixtape is basically a classic Mell Hall set. Disco, a whole heap of Funk, mixed-in with some Vocal House to take you through ’till close. And back again.

Top Tips for staying sane in isolation? 

Allow balance. Some days are filled with creativity, productiveness, and progress. Others with Netflix and tostidos. AND THAT’S OK! We’re all navigating this the best way we can (and don’t know how!), sometimes that means ordering takeaway (direct!) and watching The Innocence Files, the next, writing an absolute banger! Light and shade are healthy and warranted in all respects.

What's been happening over the last couple of weeks?

Why hello, home-studio. Isolation has given me a chance, like most Artists, to create. I have a new remix coming out for Stace Cadet + KLP’s newbie, ‘Energy’ (Medium Rare Recordings) in the next week or so - it makes a cheeky appearance in this mix. I’m also now really good at ‘Hydro Thunder' too, so there’s that...

What's the best way our girls can support the music industry over the next few months?

Get listening, get liking, get posting, get buying! And when this is all over, get your asses into venues, clubs, and events and GET DANCING!

Any final words of wisdom?

The limit does not exist.


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