Slide into the third installment of the Cools Club Stay Home Mixtape Series.

Laws have slightly loosened and we're navigating new waters... so it's time for something to take the edge off that iso fatigue. As a proud supporter of Support Act, this series is our platform to connect with our favorite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew, and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Our third guests are here to help us take baby steps back to small scale socialisation. Sidehustle DJs need little introduction to our Sydney crew but for those of you who aren't familiar, they're somewhere between a DJ set and a dance performance. The energy these two flex on the decks is infectious. With a mix of boogie, disco, house, synth, soul and RnB. They specialise in finger-wagging, body rolls and cheesy grins. The timing couldn't be better for having a friend or two over for a dance party.




What inspired the track selection on this mixtape?

We had a two-person dance party a few weeks ago that peaked with us doing an interpretative dance on the floor to Caroline Polachek’s ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’... so naturally, that song had to sneak in here.

I don’t know what it is about the quar, but we’ve both become obsessed with 80s synth textures and they are definitely well-represented in this mix.

Top tips for staying sane in isolation? 

We both get a lot of joy from planning, and it’s a really hard time to plan events and long-term projects. One thing we’ve been doing is putting our organisational impulses to work on achievable things like mapping out long bike rides, cooking complicated feasts, and putting together mixes like this one.

Plus if anyone wants to talk to Nerida about the Normal People adaptation, she has a lot of thoughts and feelings.

What's been happening over the last couple of weeks?

So much and yet nothing at all. Like many people who are arguably too old for the platform, we’re suddenly experts at TikTok.

What's the best way our girls can support the music industry over the next few months?

If you have the means, buying music and merch is a great way to support. Maybe think about a few artists or businesses who’ve shown you a particularly good time in the last year and if you’re in a position to support them financially, show a bit of love.

Any final words of wisdom?

Be nice to strangers. Call your mum. Stop touching your face.


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