This week is a very special edition of the Stay Home Series. We’re spicing it up with homegrown house party hero and certified boss-lady Kristy Lee Peters (KLP). Between running her own label, raising a kid during a pandemic, and becoming a TikTok Queen, she somehow had time to release a new banger AND do a mixtape for us!

KLP has united with Commandeur to create a powerful collaboration made in isolation, with artwork designed by Australian artist Mark Harding. 'Feel The Love' is their first song together and is featured in our fourth installment of the Stay Home Series. We caught up with Kristy and the team behind the new tune on the eve of its release to the world.

As a proud supporter of Support Act, this series is our platform to connect with our favorite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew, and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.




Where were you, and what were your plans for Feb 2020?

KLP - I was planning a tour, a wedding, and a whole lot of music-making. That has all since been canceled or made near impossible with no income coming in.

Mark - I was planning to move to Dublin! Wheels are still in motion to get over there, the date was set for late May but now it’s up in the air! I also had a big tour canceled, was going to be doing the European summer festival circuit.

Tim - I was in Sydney and like KP, planning a wedding! I was also working on the release of my single amongst a run of shows.

What are the main things that stand out as being challenges for the last few months? 

KLP - Being in such a holding pattern has been really hard for me! Plus it wasn’t like I suddenly had all this free time on my hands to try new hobbies and watch Netflix, I instead had a child at home 24/7, dying to go outside and play with friends. She was grumpy and so then I was grumpy too haha! It was a rough few months of juggling family time, staying indoors as much as possible, and trying to hold onto my sanity.

Mark - For me, the biggest challenge has been keeping good mental health without an anchor into the future. It’s been hard to find a feeling of certainty when my calendar is suddenly empty.

Tim - The uncertainty of your future is hard on everyone. For us, in the music industry though, I think it’s extra hard because live music (which is usually our main source of income) could very well be one of the last things to return. And even when it does, it will be in small doses so that reality is a hard one to entertain.

What are some positives that have come out of it all?

KLP - Having to take time out and be ok with not being too productive. It's like a forced reset button on everything that you do and everything that you value to be important in life.

Mark - Isolation has resulted in a few collaborations (such as this) that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do were it not for the pandemic. The shared experience of isolation has sparked a bunch of new (online) friendships.

Tim - Touching on my previous response, the silver lining is that it does force us to be extra creative and diversify so that we can survive. I’ve also been lucky enough to relocate to my in-laws which is beachfront so I’ve rediscovered my love for surfing.

Are there things you have changed your view on? Needs, wants, plans?

KLP - I used to live by my calendar. Now I have nothing in there which is such a strange feeling. I’m someone that loves to plan so it’s weird to not be able to do that and have events to look forward to. My perspective on those events has had to change. For example, "today we are going to go for a walk” was a running theme for a while!

Mark - Similar to Kristy, I let my calendar guide me day today. Living in isolation has changed my view on what it means to be ‘present’. Where in the past I might have had to pause and meditate in order to feel present I now find myself often painfully present, sitting in my living room. That’s where music and film have been a great help.

Tim - I’ve rediscovered my sense of community and what it means to have neighbours. It’s easy to live a fast life and not communicate with those outside of your home, but now that we’re all home every day you crave those human interactions and I’ve really enjoyed seeing people over the fence every day and being there for others in your street.

What are you looking forward to returning the most?

KLP - Playing shows!! Traveling. I miss that so so much. I was on a plane once a week and I loved seeing new places and performing. I really can’t wait till we can all be crammed in a sweaty room again dancing around to loud thumpers. It’ll be a while though ;(

Mark - I also look forward to playing shows, such a familiar feeling so quickly disappeared. Mostly I’d say sitting in a crowded restaurant having drinks with my friends - touching, sharing plates, cheers-ing - feels so far away.

Tim - Also playing shows! We were very fortunate to travel for our job and being in a new city every weekend was exhilarating with the unknown. Connecting with crowds is also something that can’t be replaced, it will be a special moment when live music venues can start to thrive again.

What have you binged during iso? Any new tv shows or live streams you’ve tuned in to?

KLP - As above - no time for binging with a kid! Mind you I did watch he Michael Jordan doco and LOVED it! I don’t know much about basketball but damn I want some Jordans now.

Mark - Normal People - maybe it’s because I’m so close yet so far from Dublin but that show pulled me in. Once I finished it those two characters were suddenly out of my life, felt like I was grieving for about a week!

Tim - I went really hard on Schitts Creek and am nearing the end of Succession, which have both been great. I’ve heard lots of great things about Normal People and the MJ doco so they are next on the list!


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