We're heating things up with the fifth installment of the Cools Club Stay Home Mixtape Series.  

Staying home or just staying sanitary? Whatever you’re doing, our latest mix from the fast-rising producer, DJ, and songwriter Nina Wilson aka Ninajirachi is about to add a bit of sweat to your schedule. As proud supporters of Support Act, this series is our platform to connect with our favorite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew, and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Since strutting onto the scene with her strikingly unique hyper colour club sound in 2016, Ninajirachi has quickly become one of our favourite artists within the EDM sphere. We caught up to chat about her innovative new EP release 'Blumiere', and how she’s been coping in isolation. 

Tune in for a hot streak of hybrid club bangers. Stay safe, stay Cools. 




What inspired the track selection on this mixtape?

Many of the tracks came out in the last few weeks or last 6-ish months, so it's made up of a lot of new music that I've been enjoying recently. Plus a few songs from a few years ago that just seemed to fit perfectly.

What has kept you sane during isolation? 

Probably being able to live at home with my family, because I was never by myself, and our family home is kinda regional so I'm always in or around nature. I'm lucky that as a producer I only need a laptop and headphones to work, and I don't need to rely on anybody else, so I kept pretty busy throughout the whole thing.

Can you tell us a little more about your new EP release?

It's called Blumiere, it's 5 new songs and they're all a little different. Some tracks are super pop and others are definitely more club friendly. I started them all late last year except for the title track, which I started in 2018, and finished them all off a few months ago just as the lockdown and everything started kicking in. I'm really proud of this music!

What's the best way our crew can continue to support the music industry as restrictions remain?

We still can't play shows for at least a little while, so the best way to show support in the meantime is just streaming music on platforms that pay us really. If you buy music on Bandcamp, they've occasionally been doing days where they waive their revenue share and 100% goes to artists/labels, so it's cool to look out for those. Buying merch is great too, and when shows start back up hopefully we see you there!

Any final words of wisdom?

I think we were all just put on Earth to hang out and have fun, so, let's all just do that.


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