Introducing Girls On Deck (GOD), an event and booking agency created due to the need for greater and more substantial female representation, and support within the music industry – particularly within the electronic genre. Their main goal is to create a movement where female DJs are more widely respected as artists and producers.

This is our kind of tea. So, when we started the Stay Home Series we knew we needed to pin down these girls and get a mix from some of our favourite local DJs! The sixth installment to the series; this mixtape features the super talented @roxylotz, @rubyjmusic, @_rashbandicoot, and @lozdrit is sure to stir some serious memories. Tune in for a taste of the good old days. Stay safe, stay Cools.

As proud supporters of Support Act, this series is our platform to connect with our favorite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew, and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.




So we know how Girls on Deck began but how were you all introduced to DJing?

Ruby J came across DJing when she turned 18 and her boyfriend’s brother who is a DJ took them around to nightclubs with him. At the time, she was a singer, performing in pubs and bars so she was already familiar with the gig life. She worked at a venue and the manager there offered her a DJ gig one day. She took it and basically worked out on the spot how to DJ in front of a handful of people eating dinner and she has never looked back.

LOZD came across her love for djing at a party a few years ago! After forcing the DJ to teach her, they went B2B for hours and since then she has been obsessed with playing and making people dance!

Rash Bandicoot also came across Djing when she turned 18. She got a job working as a door host at Home the Venue. She would sit at the door each Friday and Saturday and listen to the DJs playing on the mainstage and immediately grew fond of EDM music and jumped straight into learning!

Roxy Lotz; as a vocalist and bedroom music producer she has always had a passion for music. She got introduced to djing at University whilst studying her music major. She did a “digital music performance and remixing” unit where she learned basic techniques and had to perform a complex 10-minute set. Safe to say she became obsessed!

What's been happening for the girls since the live music scene slowed down? Any new habits or hobbies? 

Since having most gigs cancelled and uni sent online, Ruby J took up dance lessons. It’s something that she always wanted to pick back up ever since she quit as a young child and she’s so glad that she did. She’s also started dedicating more time to production to get some release-ready tracks happening.

LOZD is focusing on her degree in climate science and is thinking of ways to bring her love of the earth into daily life. She’s also picked up a new hobby, roller skating! She has always admired the 70’s trend and thought it would be the best COVID idea ever, until a fall that left her arm immobile for months. At least there has been plenty of recovery time before jumping back on the decks!

Djing is how Rash Bandicoot channels her creativity. With gigs coming to a standstill, she has been dabbling in some artsy projects like handmade jewellery, painting and drawing. She’s also using this time to build up more business qualifications and up-skill!

Roxy Lotz has been keeping busy. Whilst working on her music production and songwriting, she has also enrolled in a TAFE course and started studying website design online. She’s been loving it and has additionally started building her skills on adobe suite. Definitely another hobby for now but she’s excited to see where it goes!

Which Girls On Deck festivals or gigs have been the most memorable so far and why?

Ruby J’s favourite Girls On Deck gig was the Oxford Art Factory’s 12th Birthday event last year. The Girls played to a packed-out side room and it was one of the best vibes ever! That night she played all 00s and 90s hits for the first time and ever since then, that’s been her go-to party setlist.

LOZD's favourite G.O.D gig was Secret Garden festival. There’s something so magical about seeing everyone dressed up in all things out of this world. During her set the crowd began playing volleyball with a toy flamingo she bought, Freddy the flamingo had the time of his life.

Rash Bandicoot’s favourite was also Secret Garden Festival. The vibes were at an all-time high! B2B sets from the GOD crew, everyone dressed up, dancing into the early hours of the morning – an experience like no other!

Roxy Lotz’s most memorable Girls on Deck event was The Assembly gig played in Canberra last year! It was the first time she met some of the other girls properly and was informally inducted into the amazing GOD crew. The girls all drove down together and made a day of it. Thinking about it now makes us super excited for a GOD tour!

We’re all about girls supporting girls... what’s your dream all-female lineup and where would it all go down?

If the girls were to put together an all-female line-up, it would include Haiku Hands, Peggy Gou, Clypso, Chase Zera, KLP, Dena Amy, Sass, Groove Delight, Raven Lenae, Jorja Smith, The Blessed Madonna, Jayda G, Hannah Wants and Anna Lunoe. Taking place somewhere in Europe, in the middle of summer!

What's next for the ladies?

Ruby J’s next move is to release some music! She’s been producing for a while and has some things in the works but she’s been nervous to put out anything. We think it’s time for her to take the leap of faith!

LOZD is going to keep working on her singing so she can add vocals to tech house to play at her gigs.

Rash Bandicoot is going to continue experimenting with new hobbies and making the most of the downtime! She will continue to explore new music and build on her library so when restrictions ease, she will be ready to party!

Roxy Lotz is super excited about the music she’s been producing and is looking forward to hopefully releasing her first track! She also can’t wait to get back on the decks, keep entertaining, and sharing the music and artist she loves.

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@roxylotz kicks it off from 0.00 - 23:00

@rubyjmusic from 23:00 - 47:25

@_rashbandicoot from 47:25 - 1:10:48

@lozdrit wraps it all up from 1:10:48

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