Off the back of the highly anticipated album release, we linked up with dance-pop renegades Haiku Hands. Based across Melbourne and Sydney, the core of Haiku Hands is Beatrice Lewis, Claire Nakazawa and Mie Nakazawa. Together, they curate, perform and work as a collective of artists, engaging and exploring social norms with their lyrical and visual content. Their influences range from hip-hop to pop, electronic to dance, and everything beyond.

Welcome the seventh iteration of the Stay Home Series featuring Haiku Hands. Rebellious, experimental and wildly unconventional, this is a collective you don't want to miss. Probing themes of technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary in their new album, Haiku Hands revel in satire and sass. Plug in for your latest serotonin boost. Happy weekend!

As proud supporters of Support Act, this series is our platform to connect with our favorite artists and raise awareness for the artists, crew, and music workers affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Congratulations on the new record! Where did it all come together and how much of a relief is it to get this one out into the world?

It is such a good feeling for this album to be coming out into the world! I feel a real sense of relief that it is finished and excitement that people can finally hear and own these songs for themselves. I also have an overwhelming emotion I can’t quite name which feels like a really deep happiness?? I just put happiness into an a thesaurus and the only word that kind of resonates is euphoria (not the TV Series!!). So yeah I feel a bit euphoric!

This album has been a big journey, we started writing together in Melbourne around 2014/2015 then we’ve written it in many different studios around the world since then. It primarily came together in Joel Ma’s (Joelistics) studio in Brunswick in Melbourne, we have co-written all of the songs on this album with him. Joel has been a big part of our writing team and the Haiku family since the very inception. We also have co-written with a bunch of other producers including Elgusto from Hermitude, Lewis Can Cut and Machinedrum who are all amazing.

It’s safe to say this pesky pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone… how did the outbreak impact the rolling out of the album?  

The main impact has obviously been on touring and not being able to present the songs live and share them with people in realtime. We have been on the road pretty solidly for the last few years so that suddenly grinding to a halt was a bit of shock… We have as a result however been able to spend more time on things like writing and creating film clips which has been really fun. We are also lucky to be a part of a really great team who have hustled so hard to still give this album release the launch it deserves. Plus I think it’s coming at a really good time when I personally, (being from Melbourne) want to give everyone there and worldwide some good vibes. Music is the way I do that so being able to share an album with people at this time actually feels really nice an well-timed.

Favourite track on the record and why?

Mie - My favourite track is Eat This Bass, I just love it, it's bold, fun and makes me want to thrash my head around.

Claire - My favourite songs on the Album are Car Crash and Eat This Bass. Car crash is really meaningful, vulnerable and strong and I had a great experience writing it with Joel. Eat This Bass makes me jump around the most, with the most energy. I think it's a highly valuable cathartic track.It was also a great experience writing it, where it all came together in pretty much a day. I love it when that happens, they feel the most pure.

Beatrice - Definitely Super Villain, it embodies a really healthy release of f*** you rage and passion. It’s my favourite track to do live and I am glad it’s being released so people can have it in their back pocket for when they need a shot of life coffee.

Watch the official music video for single Fashion Model Art (feat. Sofi Tukker) here.

Can you tell us what you are missing the most about playing shows... and can we expect any opportunities to hear the record live in the new normal?

I definitely miss connecting with people. Doing Haiku Hands shows is one of my favourite experiences in life, primarily because of the connection with the audience. It’s like you can create this amazing whirlpool of energy together, it makes me remember than people are really powerful and we can make cool stuff happen when we work together.

Yes we are already looking at tours for ext year! It is HAPPENING!! In the new normal there are going to heaps of shows and everyone will have learnt the words and we’ll all be able to sing them together and it’ll be cute and fun AF.

Ending on a higher note... who would headline Haiku Hands' perfect post-pandemic party and where would it all go down?

Ohhh good question! I think it would have to be a festival and headliners would be Channel Tres, Bjork, The Fugees, Electric Fields, Hermitude, Rihanna, James Blake to name a few. It would happen somewhere in nature and it would be free and everyone would be allowed to be in the mosh pit together! It’s going to be great, see you there xx


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